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Never compromise on quality

When it comes to building a new home there's a mistaken belief that quality must cost the earth. We however believe you can achieve quality at an affordable price by making smart decisions, paying attention to detail and doing things right the first time. Want to know more?

Enjoyment all the way

Who said you can't build a home and enjoy the process too ?

Yep, we've all heard the horror stories about builds taking twice as long as scheduled and costing twice as much as was budgeted ... but not here.

We take our role in meeting your needs very seriously. We ensure our quotes are competitive and fixed and our schedules are achievable.

What's your lifestyle?

Think beyond the standard four walls and a roof, think about how you could... live.

Space and its intelligent use is just one of our specialities. We hold a unique process that actually delves into not how you do live but how you could live - hidden rooms for the kids, slides instead of stairs, underground garage, fire pit, golf driving range, even your own roof garden.

The blinkers are off when it comes to designing an Adelaide Dream Home.

What makes us exceptional

This is no place to be modest, we're about to change your life ...

We believe our working processes, history, customer commitment, superior cost structuring and absolute commitment to quality and innovation makes us an easy choice to trust with your home build project but there's even more to it than that.

To dream is to live

For some, dreams are unattainable but at Adelaide Dream Homes we make them come true every day.

Why live an ordinary, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms sort of life when you can make your home your castle (complete with hydraulic garage, moveable walls, expandable kitchens and thermo heating and cooling - to name but a few features we specialise in).

As Walt Disney said "if you can dream it, you can do it"


If not now ... when ?

For some reason certain things are held up on a pedestal,
to be worshipped rather than created.

Pffft, let's get cracking. You deserve it - right ?

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What would you like your lifestyle to be ?

Some homes are built to be an oasis from the hectic and demanding nature of life 9 to 5.
Others bring harmony, fun, energy, wonder and even a little magic.
Others again providing entertainment havens and social hubs.

What will your dream home provide ...

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Why do we listen so intently ?

Every client is different, they have different experiences, visions, expectations and goals
but they all share one important trait .. they dare to dream.

Building a new home is a big decision so we're here to help you get it right
- to reduce any compromises, to explore all of the available options, to trust
and enjoy the process upon which you are about to embark.

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Hi, I'm Matt, the founder and a director of Adelaide Dream Homes.

I'm a fifth generation South Australian builder, locally born and bred.

I love meeting people and helping them to realise their dreams.

My team comprises of tradespeople and specialists, most of whom I have worked with for some time.

They all realise the high level of detail and quality I insist upon working to.

If you are thinking of creating your dream home or renovating and upgrading your existing home, let's talk.

I can outline not only what style of house we can build and some of the features now available, but also the build process and how we remove the stress, and make budget and schedule - consistently.

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We know these 4 factors scare most people out of building their dream home.

Here's how we address them and reassure you that they will not be a problem

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Would you like to discuss your dream and ideas for your next home?
Would you like to know more about Adelaide Dream Homes?
Would you like the meet the family who own and run Adelaide Dream Homes?
Contact us today and we'll gladly meet for a chat over a coffee at your place our ours.

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