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Generations Of Quality

About Adelaide Dream Homes

The building heritage of what is now Adelaide Dream Homes, goes back 11 generations, into the United Kingdom, where through blood, sweat and tears the building skills were learned as stone masons and carpenters. Building structures like Blenheim Castle, farm houses and town buildings were the norm. And it ingrained into the bloodline of what you see before you today. 5 generations in South Australia, servicing the Barossa firstly, then the south eastern, eastern suburbs of Adelaide & the Adelaide Hills.

After years of dreaming and planning, multi-generational carpenter and builder, Matthew Thomas, created Adelaide Dream Homes and launched it into the market, servicing greater Adelaide, from country to coastline. His dream is to design and construct iconic landmark residences. 

It’s core philosophy is simple – build the best quality home possible for the best possible price, without scrimping on materials or design.

How do we do that?

Well there’s a couple of foundation requirements we have put in place:

  • Use experienced, qualified and honest tradespeople
  • Seek the best material application available
  • Have a solution-orientated mindset at all times
  • Be selective about the clients and projects we work with
  • Place a high value of enjoyment as well as lifelong learning

From finding the perfect block of land for your build, right through to fit-out options and materials, we are here to offer you choices. You decide on the spec level for your home, not us. We also strongly believe in offering you all the lifestyle options that turn a house into a home – some are unique, and others again are more about learning our clients needs and their dreams, to deliver the home they always wanted but never knew they could attain.

Our Commitment To Quality

We never compromise on quality, and we never cut corners. Our build quality is the result of 11 generations of builders. We know the our trade inside out and how to achieve the best results for our clients. We also stay up-to-date with new technology and products to ensure you get the best solution in the most effective and efficient way.

Award Winner

Certified Construction Professional of the Year 2021 as voted by Master Builders South Australia.

HIA Highly Commended 2019 

HIA South Australian Display Home over $650,000.


We strive to be the best in providing high-quality homes for you and your family. We offer a variety of services to construct beautiful houses that are not only aesthetically pleasing but can also accommodate all sorts of needs.



We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients, from heritage to ultra-modern and everything in between.

Our services include a full design and construction service, including interior design and specification, so from start to finish, from concept to completion your project is handled professionally and with the greatest possible outcome planned and executed. 

Our Team

Matt Thomas

Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director, Matt is more passionate today about Adelaide Dream Homes’ clients desires for an improved lifestyle at home, than ever.

His focus on working with the right people, on the right projects, is a process that has returned real value for clients, and created a laser focussed approach.

The long standing client relationships and friendships, well after completion, are a testament to the company values which make tough decisions easy, referrals become continuous and greatly valued.

Combining expertise in complicated sites, technical renovations and extensions and opulent new homes, Adelaide Dream Homes simply started as a dream.

Kelly Crowe

Interior Architect

Kelly, has a Bachelour of Interior Architecture, is a prefectionist and is another experienced operator at ADH.

In her role, Kelly gets to enjoy her favourite part of the design and build process…. Interior design, selections and Project Coordination.

Kelly is so very passionate about helping her clients achieve an amazing outcome and overall feel in their completed project to enjoy for years to come.

“I just love my job, helping our clients step by step, putting  them to ease making sense of all the stuff, and then, pulling it all together with the construction team to achieve incredible outcomes”.


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You can rest assured knowing our partners know what they are doing, and they are passionate about what they do. We only work with quality trade partners that we trust!


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