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Choices & Selections


Do not confuse quality with luxury.

Coromandel Valley custom home build - stairs
Custom home build - kitchen appliances - selections
Custom home build - bathroom - choices and selections

Quality homes stand the test of time, have minimal maintenance demands and wear gracefully. They look feel and work in a manner that is pleasing and functional.

Luxury homes, on the other hand, exude quality, elegance and class. The money is spent on creating an impression as well as enhancing a lifestyle or improving a situation.

When you custom build a home you have an option of embracing quality, irrespective of your budget. Doing whatever you choose to do properly and with quality materials doesn’t need to cost the Earth (in more senses than just one).

When we build we constantly pose the question ‘what is the best quality we can place on this budget’? And how can we ensure the standard reached suits the needs of the building?

Coromandel Valley custom home build - stairs

Quality improves resale value

Quality enhances lifestyle

Quality makes you feel good

It should never be compromised

Making Choices & Selections

Taps, floor coverings, window frames, colours, appliances … the list of decisions you need to make to complete your home is extensive. Because we live this daily, we can help you make decisions based on quality and value in conjunction with the styles you prefer. If you change your mind during the process on a particular selection, no problem, we’ll make it happen.

Our 3D modelling programs let you see most fixtures and fittings in-situ and where possible we can provide visuals of other homes with elements you may be considering yourself.