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Arcadia is our interpretation of a modern style of country farmhouse, perched on a hill and opening up to the abundant views. This is a true custom design project. These homes are full of natural and local materiality including stone, rusted steel and brickwork.

Stonework and clean dark render lines, brickwork and use of natural light are but some of the highlights in this homage to the Australian farmhouse using modern architectural design.

The floor plan of Arcadia works from front to back, creates definitive spaces and with the strategic use of large glass sections, the home feels always connected and open. The central upper floor courtyard plays a crucial role and this connectiveness, and views out the front are easily captured from the rear alfresco and dining areas.

The careful and considered use of brickwork, and its lines running from the façade, up the staircase to the rear internal wall offers a dramatic feature and the sense of structural integrity rarely experienced in a modern home. This leads you through the spaces and captures the essence of the design, and with that reflects the shimmer of the upper level pool during the evening.

The interior has been designed using gentle concrete tones and charcoal veneers, combining this with a flow of light beige and a minimalist approach to décor, this home creates an extraordinary lifestyle for those that will call it home.

Arcadia sits into the hill like a priceless jewel, and with the calmness that comes with running water, glazing that bring the outdoors in, and luxury at every turn, this Adelaide Dream Home is just that.

Arcadia – Ageless, elegant and understated.

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We are an award-winning, custom home builder not a project home builder.

We can take difficult sites and create outstanding results. We aspire to be the most desired opulent home builders in Australia. When it comes to building a new home there’s a mistaken belief that quality must cost the earth.

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We believe our working processes, history, customer commitment, superior cost structuring and absolute commitment to quality and innovation makes us an easy choice to trust with your home build project.


When it comes to building a new home or renovating, there’s many decisions to be made along the way.

In our experience, using the resources we offer at Adelaide Dream Homes, you will find that:

1. We’ll assist you in making smart decisions
2. We’ll be paying attention to every detail
3. We’ll be doing things right the first time


We believe our working processes, history, customer commitment, superior cost structuring, and absolute commitment to quality and innovation makes us an easy choice to trust with your home build project.

What One Of Our Client Has To Say

It’s several months since you finished the renovations at Glenelg, but I want to let you know how much I love it, and it just works so well for my needs. Both my boys and their families have stayed during summer holidays and love it, and I’ve also had friends and other rellies stay, and they all think it’s amazing. Anyway, thanks again for the great job, which has made my times at the unit so much more enjoyable. All the best in the future for your business.
Pam S.
Home Owner


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