Our Process

Custom Homes Build Process

Building a home is a large commitment. It takes time, money, energy and sweat, but it also provides amazing rewards – at last the lifestyle you deserve !

It should be a fun journey too.

You will spend more on this single purchase than almost every other thing you every buy – let’s enjoy the spend, the process, the experience, the journey.

People are often reluctant to appoint a builder from the start, preffering to work with their architect or draftsman to complete their design first – but in fact ENGAGING YOUR BUILDER EARLY IN THE PROCESS IS THE BEST WAY TO ENSURE YOUR DREAM HOME IS REALISED WITHIN BUDGET.

Understanding Your Lifestyle

So that we can help to develop a new lifestyle for you and your family we need to identify what matters to you, what you value and of course what you dream of.

We also need to look at your project parameters – it could be a challenging block of land, council building restrictions, style or even the diversity of your family and their individual needs.


Our initial consult, which explores the lifestyle your new home needs to provide you with, is a simple briefing process conducted face-to-face.

We then prepare a project brief and preliminary service agreement, sit down with you and discuss finer points such as; style, features and budget.

Approximate costs are discussed, and material options are considered.

Once planning approval is achieved with your local council, building rules consent documentation, including engineering, commences.

When we all agree on the details of the package, costs are finalised, and a project schedule is devised.

Project management

Behind any good build project is a system to keep everything on track and to keep everyone fully informed.

Our project management software allows you to see, in real time, how your project is tracking and as well as handling the communication on specific items and choices.

It also tracks the schedules and selections, any changes that are made and logs them along with photos, messages, questions asked as well as warranties.

You’ll have access to your build project in our system via an app on your phone.


When we set a project schedule we do so with extensive knowledge about the project parameters. We then work closely with you to ensure deadlines are met. Whilst we can’t do much about weather delays, most other things are taking care of – effectively and efficiently.

  • Guarantee’s to supply accurate start and completion dates.
  • Keep you updated on your project and the schedule of works.
  • Use our cloud-based software with regular site meetings to keep you up to date.

Road humps (and how we navigate them)

Big projects inevitably have some challenges along the way:

  • unforeseen circumstances
  • the weather
  • material changes
  • other priorities for you

They can all contribute to a need for adjustment.

Our project management software provides a simple way of adjusting schedules and budgets, overcoming hurdles and even smoothing out technical wrinkles along the way.


We love a chat .. but we much prefer an update – an important regular discussion about progress and outcomes.

In most cases our contact is weekly during a build but this can be adjusted to suit whatever your needs and availability require.

There’s a lot to be said for the old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. In most cases budget and schedule blow outs can be removed or reduced simply by being in constant contact and providing regular status updates – “bathroom’s about to be completed”, “are you still sure about that antique claw foot bath in your new contemporary style oasis ?”.

Phone calls, meetings, site photos and project updates are all part of our regular communication process. Tell us the frequency with which you wish to be contacted and involved in the project and we can do the rest.


We believe that our role in the build extends well beyond getting the work done on time and on budget.

You may need an ear to listen, a sounding board for ideas, a prod in the right direction or a shoulder to share the burden of any nagging concerns.

We’ll be there to ensure that you have understanding and confidence . It’s what we refer to as ‘providing support’. Whilst we may build houses every day, we appreciate that you don’t.

Where to from here?

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