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We take the time to get the price to build your new house as accurate as possible from the very beginning and then work closely with you to ensure any alterations or material choices don’t significantly impact upon your budget.

We guarantee our project budgets don’t spiral out of control.

Budget protection

When is a fixed price not a fixed price ?

Well for us it is when a significant adjustment is made, otherwise we can usually ride smoothly over minor alterations without affecting the budget too much.

Our constant budget monitoring process allows any discrepancies to be identified early and action taken to ensure a small slip doesn’t turn into a money pit.

Price, Time, Contact & Quality Guarantees

Price – fixed cost guarantee based on:

Time – our project management software is second to none at keeping projects on schedule. We also limit our build roster to ensure we are only managing a handful of projects at any given time – dreams are too precious to cut corners or take our eyes off the ball.

Contact – when we say “We’re with you every step of the journey”, that’s exactly what we mean. We keep you updated weekly, and if there is any sign of deviation we are in touch immediately.

Quality – you can’t make eleven generations of builders without a significant commitment to quality.

Guarantees – we promise to build a home of superior structural integrity and quality, to always have your best intentions first and foremost, to be entirely transparent in all stages of the process, and treat you and your family with respect.

And the best promise to keep is one word, Honesty.

We are with you all the way.