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Our Commitment To Quality

We never compromise on quality, and we never cut corners. Our build quality is the result of 11 generations of builders. We know the our trade inside out and how to achieve the best results for our clients. We also stay up-to-date with new technology and products to ensure you get the best solution in the most effective and efficient way.

What One Of Our Clients Has To Say

Over many years in Sales Management and Financial Planning roles I have been asked to provide many references for ex employees and workmates. Often I have found it difficult to to provide positive commentary while maintaining my belief in  honesty at all times.

I find that no such conflict exists when it comes to talking about the professional relationship my wife and I have enjoyed with Matt.

We met Matt in 2014 in a social atmosphere. Several months later we decided to undertake some home renovations and invited Matt to discuss our ideas and offer suggestions. We found him to be an excellent listener and was able to present new ideas that appeared to fit in perfectly with what we had in mind.

To cut a long story short, we accepted all his ideas and his quotation. Throughout the initial construction and renovation stage the communication with Matt was continuous and concise and we never had any doubts about what was ahead of us.

We were so thrilled with the way the project was proceeding, the common sense behind Matt’s new ideas and suggestions and the outstanding results he achieved, that it became obvious the project needed to expand to embrace the entire home rather than just the section we initially envisioned and the budget we set.

Matt’s passion for our project and his love of the building industry was infectious and it also seemed to rub off on his employees and sub contractors, let alone ourselves. It was a delight to have him and his people invading our home and privacy for many months.

Matt delivered to us an amazing transformation that embraced his and our ideas in total harmony, has wowed even the most sceptical of our wonderful neighbours and this month resulted in amazing interest, a sale within 4 days of being on the market and at a price we could have only dreamed of.

It is very rare that you can employ someone to take over your thoughts, your home, your finances and your privacy, for such a long time and then come out the other end having developed a very strong life long friendship.  That’s what happened with us.

Would we do it all again with Matt if we return to live in Adelaide?  Yes, without any hesitation.

John and Rosemary Alderson


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